Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Weekly Drawing - A Study in Dolphins

Title: A Study in Dolphins
Size: 10 by 14 inches
This piece shows some sketches of dolphins. I'm not really sure how to elaborate... Done in pencil... aquatic mammals... yes...

This week's "exploring your interests" drawing is here, and I've drawn some dolphins (see above for elaboration). I've always loved animals, and for a long time I've thought training exotic animals would be a super cool job. Also, I've been itching to draw some dolphins recently. Don't ask why, as no one knows... But anyway, for this week's assignment, I did a bit of research on what it takes to be an aquatic animal trainer. 

Did you know that a degree in zoology, animal science, or marine biology, scuba diving certification, and experience working with large animals are all things that prospective aquatic animal trainers should get? Not to mention, if you want to work somewhere like Seaworld, you need to be a great swimmer, and have past experience with public speaking or drama.

I never realized the life of a Seaworld dolphin trainer took so much preparation...

Either way, it was interesting to read up on what it takes to train aquatic animals and draw some dolphins. :)

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