Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Weekly Drawing - Root Beer Bar Coat of Arms


Title:  Root Beer Bar Coat of Arms
Size:  7 by 8 inches
This drawing is a coat of arms for a club I'm a member in which celebrates root beer. Hooray for root beer!

The story behind this is simply that the rest of the Root Beer Bar and I decided we needed a coat of arms. So here's a sketch of a coat of arms, complete with "root bears", a root beer float, and a bird of prey swooping over head. Yup. (I have no idea why the hawk is in the picture...)

This week I read about the origins of root beer, as well as learning a little about the parts of a coat of arms. It was pretty fun to learn a little more about my favorite soda. :)

After my club officially chooses colors, I think I'll come back and add color.

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