Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Weekly Drawing - Pack of the Cosmere coat of arms

Title: Pack of the Cosmere coat of arms
Size: 8 by 10 inches
This piece is another commissioned coat of arms (for the Pack of the Cosmere).

So here's my third coat of arms. For this one, I wanted to do something a little different from the quartered shield I'd been doing, so this one's split into three sections instead. Also, there's a giant spike across the shield and no bird flying over the top.

It was fun to more designing and drawing coats of arms, although I've now learned that lions are much more popular as heraldic animals than wolves. This week I also read up a little on wolves. I knew that wolves were endangered, but I found out that one species, the Red Wolf, actually went extinct in the wild back in 1980. However, there were a few left in captivity. Scientists were able to reintroduce them to North Carolina and there are now around 100 red wolves living in the wild.

I feel like I'm getting more comfortable in the style used for coats of arms. I actually free styled the helmet and upper mantle this week. I had a few reference images open for them, but ended up sort of combining some of the designs into what I wanted to draw. :)

I'm not entirely satisfied with all of my pen work, but, overall, I like how this turned out.

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