Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Weekly Drawing - Ecosystems and Brickborn

My "exploring your interests" assignment this week comes in two parts. :)

Title: The Brick of Ascension
First of all, I played around on Paint, experimenting with layering on the colors and textures. I decided to make Vin and Elend from Mistborn: The Well of Ascension as bricks. I don't usually do projects on my computer, but it was pretty fun trying to get colors and textures to look right using a mouse instead of a paintbrush. :)

Part two was actually part of a biology review paper I wrote. It included several illustrations, but here I'll only include this one.

Title: Populations, Communities, and Ecosystems
Size: 8 and 1/2 by 4 inches
So this is my little sketch to illustrate the differences between populations, communities, and and ecosystems. Populations are made up of organisms of the same species, living in the same area and interacting. In my sketch, there's a family of deer to represent populations.

Communities are like populations, but include multiple species. Any sort of living thing - mushroom, bird, caterpillar, tree, deer, or grass - living in the same area and interacting are part of a community.

Ecosystems are like communities, including all the organisms interacting in an area, but also include the non-living things like water (in all it's forms), minerals, rock, soil, air, the landscape, etc.

Overall, I had fun with both projects and like how they turned out.

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