Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Weekly Drawing - Chickens!

Warning: this post will include egg-cessive chicken and egg puns.

Title: The Canton of Inquisitive Looks
Size: 11 by 9 inches
For this drawing I wanted to do some chickens, because I really love chickens. They're kind of dorky, but I love how much personality they have. Chickens always seem to have so much personality and attitude. It really... cracks me up. They also are eggs-ceptionally fun to draw and color, as there are so many different shapes and colors chickens come in.

As I stated above, I think chickens are eggs-tremely great. So for this week's "explore your interests" assignment, I researched backyard chicken keeping. It was really fun! I learned whole lot about chickens as pets. One egg-shell-ent source I found was BackYardChickens.com. They have tons of articles about getting started raising chickens, which is apparently rather popular and considerably cheap cheap cheaper than keeping other pets. Plus you get eggs!

The three main types of chickens are meat birds, egg layers, and ornamental birds. I guess it's less expensive to raise chicks than buy full grown chickens (which I eggs-pect is backwards from most other animals. Buying a puppy, for example, is more eggs-pensive than getting a full grown dog). Chicks will eat about 10 pounds of feed in their first 10 weeks, while a full grown chicken will eat around 5 pounds a month. Interesting, no?

Anyway, onto the drawing... It's drawn in sharpie with pen on the fine details and colored with watercolors. I think this piece turned out okay, though I wish I had more time to spend on it. The entire time I was trying to build up the color, my conscience was whispering at me... "...Megumi... You have other homework that needs to be done... Stop drawing chickens and go do it!!" So I decided to call this good and move on. :)


  1. wow you are an amazing artist I love the detail and realistic features in this .

  2. wow you are an amazing artist I love the detail and realistic features in this .

  3. The outline really gives the picture definition. I'm glad you added it. I think watercolors are a good choice for this subject because it makes the feathers almost real with the color contrasts. The face of the mother is quite captivating. I can understand why the baby is so focused on mama.