Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Weekly Drawing - Anime Sketches

Title: Anime Sketches
Size: Each drawing is about 5 by 7 inches
This piece shows my adventures in learning to draw anime.

For my "exploring your interests" assignment this week, I asked my sister to teach me how to draw anime, as it's her specialty. We started out simple with chibis (see above), then moved on to more realistic/detailed drawings (see below).
We did a close up and a full body drawing next. I'm not quite as satisfied with them as with the chibi sketch, but I really enjoyed hanging out with my sis and learning about a different style of drawing. I've always thought the anime style was really interesting, but I'd never really taken the time to immerse myself in the style before. All in all, it was fun! :)


  1. nice lines I like how it looks clean . Great job

  2. It's weird to see Noelle's drawings in Megumi's style!