Saturday, January 31, 2015

Abstract Watercolor - Stonewards Glyph

Title: Stonewards Glyph
Size: 11 by 13 inches
This piece is a warm on cool abstract watercolor portraying the symbol of the Order of Stonewards (from Stormlight Archive).

I set aside an hour and a half of my schedule for this painting. The sketch of the glyph took an hour and a half. And don't even get me started on the taping. It was rather exasperating. 

Ta-da! There's what the tape looked like...

The Order of Stonewards is a pretty mysterious group, and so my knowledge of them is quite limited. But I thought that drawing their (awesome looking) glyph would be a nice way to sort of "get to know them" a little better.

So apparently the Stonewards' color is amber. I tried to get as close to that as I could on the glyph, but still wasn't completely satisfied with how it came out. Then I was given the brilliant suggestion to try using pen and colored pencil to bring out the contrast even more. I really like how that turned out. :D

Another part of this project was to use complementary colors to bring out the 'abstract shape', so I used a lot of violets in the background. But then I wasn't quite happy with the amount of red in the initial wash, so I ended up adding a lot of teal and blue before the water dried.

I'm not normally a "tape things out first" sort of painter, but I think tackling a project with such a huge amount of taping has helped me learn to better appreciate the usefulness of painting. It was a fun (if time consuming) project. ;)


  1. This is an awesome design! I really, really enjoyed this painting. The colors and top notch, it blends so well.

  2. Amazing symbol, the watercolors look amazing with it and you did an amazing job in making it look so nice. Nice work!