Monday, August 3, 2015

Character Drawings - Elsecaller and Owl Angel

Hello folks! Today we have a double feature - two pen and colored pencil drawings I finished recently.

Title: Elsecaller
Size: 9 by 9 inches
This little drawing was a short project - a portrait of an Elsecaller (from Stormlight Archive). It's outlined in pen with colored pencil filling, and had been sitting unfinished in a sketchbook for a few weeks. What really made this piece fun was the large number of sources I used to try and get it right. Going into this drawing, I pretty much knew exactly what I wanted it to look like, so it was more a matter of translating that vision onto paper than anything else. :)

In Stormlight Archive each order of knights (magic users) is associated with a gemstone of some sort. Elsecallers are with zircon, a stone I hadn't previously been acquainted with. Although zircon comes in a variety of colors, I decided to focus on the stunningly clear blue. So that's why the glyph in the back and the stormlight wisping around my knight are both blue.

Speaking of glyphs, attempting to write them correctly is insanely difficult. I suppose it's mostly trying to keep the line width even on both sides that's killing me at this point.

The shardblade she's holding is, of course, one of the blades illustrated in Words of Radiance. Some day I'll get the hang of designing my own blades, but as for now, I'm just going to recreate other blades... :P

Title: Great Grey Angel
Size: 9 by 9 inches
This was another drawing sitting in my sketchbook waiting to be finished. It's pen and colored pencil. I'm not really sure how to describe this piece briefly, so prepare for the long version.

Several months ago I had been playing with the idea and visual of an angel - as in 'a person with wings'. It had always seemed odd to me that they didn't have tails. How would they maneuver in the air? These thoughts, combined with my fascination with owls, led to this picture.

The idea of an owl-angel became almost a story to me. All those feathers would make for quite the disfigurement, which would, of course, lead to seclusion from ordinary people. So a secretive angel. Owls are silent fliers, thanks to special feathers on their wings that break up the sound of their passing. This added to the persona of my owl-angel. Those special wings would make an excellent tool to a taciturn do-gooder.

So there you have it, an explanation of this picture.

This angel is based off the great grey owl, one of my personal favorites. I was amused to see that the huge yellow eyes fit surprisingly well with the style - I suppose anime eyes (which I've always felt were overly large) could just be called 'owl eyes'.

Oh, one last thing. By some twist of luck, the angel's pose works well for taking off or landing. Looking at it, I can't tell if she's trying to pick up speed to get in the air or if she's alighting at her destination. I thought that turned out really cool.

To anyone who actually in read this entire giant post, you have my regards. I have a tendency to ramble.  ;)

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