Friday, July 24, 2015

Sewing Project - Sock Bunny

Title: Mr. Bartholomew Lump
Size: 11 inches tall
This piece is a stuffed rabbit made out of socks. It doesn't really portray anything profound; it's just a sock bunny. :P

I'd like to think Bartholomew here counts as an art project, but I really don't know. It's a fabric craft. I used my artistic talent. Can we count this one?

This project was a collaborative effort by my sister and I. We used a pair of brown crew length, one pink anklet, pink embroidery thread, two blue buttons, a gold ribbon, and beans. Pinto beans, to be precise. (They were used as filling.) Why am I telling you this? Because I normally can say, "oh, my medium was watercolor" or "yes, my medium was pencil", but I used a rather different medium today: socks.

It was certainly interesting working with fabric as a medium. I normally stay well within the boundaries of two dimensions, but it was fun to get into something a little more... substantial. (Not to say I won't be back later with more drawings, because I will.)  :)

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