Monday, June 1, 2015

Final Project - TenSoon Portraits (part 1)

Title: Wolfhound Bones
Size: 9 by 5 inches
This piece is the first installment of my three piece series of works centering around TenSoon, a character in the Mistborn books. TenSoon is a type of shapeshifter, called a kandra, which can imitate any creature, given that the kandra is first given the creature's bones. A kandra doesn't have a skeleton of its own; however, it is capable of mimicking any type of body structure if it has the right skeleton to work around. In this picture, TenSoon is in the form of a wolfhound.

While working on this piece, I thought it was interesting how much quicker a dog's portrait can be drawn than a human's. I think it must be because, when drawing a person, you want it to be identifiable as a particular individual, where with dogs, so long as you can tell a chihuahua from a dalmatian you're probably on the right track. Generally speaking, you don't have to tell one dog from another that looks nearly identical to it. With humans though, there are all sorts of little details you need to have in place to keep one acquaintance distinct from another.

I think this came out alright. I like how the fur came out, but I'm not certain what happened with the background. What can I say? It's abstract. Perhaps I'll come through again later and touch it up a bit...

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