Friday, August 29, 2014

Dragonfly Girl

I once wondered if I could draw a fairy that was more reminiscent of a dragonfly than a butterfly. This picture is the answer to that question. 

I finally remembered to use references for a drawing this time around, which really helped. Dragonfly wings are way bigger (proportionally) than I thought they were, and they have awesome stripe thingys on them. Fantastic, no? This picture was sketched in pencil, outlined in pen, and colored in colored pencil. It's about eight inches tall, and I was trying to portray a girl that made you think of a dragonfly. I really love the dragonfly-esque look I ended up with. :D

I think I've put up enough pictures now that you'll have a general idea of my style and what I draw. Also, feedback! I love hearing what all y'all think about my pictures, so please don't be afraid to leave comments. Thanks!

1 comment:

  1. The segmented legs are truly expressive. The mask is an interesting touch. Do dragonflies have a masked face? or do fairies? I like that the gloves suggest the legs of an insect as well.