Friday, August 29, 2014

Charizard Pancake

Here's my first post! I normally don't do too much 3D art, but a while back I was making what I have dubbed "abstract art" pancakes, and I made a pancake that looks uncannily like the Pokemon Charizard! It was completely unintentional, but, hey! An amazing pancake is an amazing pancake, right?

Okay, so the size is about 3 inches in diameter; the materials I used were pancake batter, a griddle, a stove, and a spatula; and I was trying to portray... I'm not actually sure. It turned out as a Charizard, but when I was making it, I was just messing around, experimenting with pouring bits of batter onto the griddle at different times. :D

The Charizard illustration came from an article on Pokemon Wiki.

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