Thursday, December 18, 2014

Week 7 - Design

Title: Euphonium
Size: 10 by 8 inches 
This piece shows my euphonium in all it's glory.

I went about 20 minutes over the time limit with this piece, but I'm okay with that, because I really like how it turned out. I really had never before realized quite how much tubing there was on my instrument. I spent 50 minutes on outlining, and I still managed to miss five lines (that I've counted so far). ;)

For this assignment, we were supposed to find something in our home that we enjoyed the design of, draw it, and try to keep in mind how very many things in our homes had to be designed by someone. Architecture, furniture, dishes, electronics... the list goes on and on. Personally, though, I really would like to know who comes up with the designs for instruments. It's incredible how convoluted it seems, but then it plays music so easily. It's an interesting relationship, I think. All that effort to make it, just so that it takes less effort to use.

Anyway, It's been an interesting assignment. :D

1 comment:

  1. I like the shading. With all the twists and turns of the tubing, it makes for an interesting look.