Sunday, October 19, 2014

Week 8 - Art (Part 2)

Title: One Point For You If You Can Guess What I Love
Size: 8 and 1/2 by 5 inches
This piece portrays how receding lines can be used in a one point perspective drawing.

Oh, I haven't done one point perspective in so long! Coming back to it feels like returning to a sport you haven't played in a while, and you just have to stretch and start playing. It really was fun to try and get all the letters to line up just right. :D

I know that anything involving straight lines really isn't one of my strong points, but it was certainly an adventure to try and get things to still look like themselves while still following the rules of perspective. I think my shading certainly could have been smoother, but I figure this picture was for practicing perspective, not shading. ;)


  1. Fabulous! It is amazing of how you made it come to life by making it pop right off the page. The words you chose are awesome too. I can't wait to see more fabulous work form you!! I also like how you shade it :D

  2. You did amazing job! I love how you love art class! haha

  3. 3D lettering, wish I had thought of that! The shading is cool and the perspective is great! Oh... and art class of course!

  4. This is an awesome picture I love the work that you have put in to it!

  5. I like that you tried different perspectives and shadings. It helps what could be a monotonous piece have a little more vigor.