Friday, February 5, 2016

Playing in Snow - Igloo

We've had quite a bit of snow recently, so I decided to make an igloo. :)

My method of igloo making includes shoveling the driveway into a pile for several days in a row, packing the snow down a bit, then digging an entrance. I'm always worried that the thing will collapse if I'm not careful, but I've discovered that if you leave your igloo out overnight the surface of the snow will often freeze into a shell - this is particularly useful on the inside, where it gives the ceiling a bit of extra strength. 

Conveniently, it snowed the day of this picture, so the surface of the igloo is wonderfully smooth. In addition to this, the extra snow gets packed down in the entrance. This means that the doorway is slightly smaller, but once you get in, the floor's a few inches lower, making it feel bigger inside.

The igloo's actually pretty roomy. For this picture I actually crawled in there, turned myself around, and popped my head back out, if that gives you an idea of how big it is in there. If the snow continues, I'm hoping to expand to where two people can comfortably fit inside.

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  1. My older sister and I used to make these all the time as kids. We made a big pile and then dug it out and used the snow removed from the inside to make it bigger on the outside. We had a whole igloo town once. :) My dad was always afraid that they would collapse down on top of us though.