Friday, October 2, 2015

Picture Book Text - Kitten in the Orchestra

So! I've finally decided that I'll be doing my 'kitten in the orchestra' story for my picture book. I've rewritten the text so that it's shorter and more straightforward. 

Ahem. This is Kitten in the Orchestra featuring Maas the kitten and his friend Amalie. Please take your seats and enjoy.

Maas poked his head into the dark room. It looked empty. Where was Amalie?

There were all sorts of interesting things in the room. Bouncing across the floor, Maas found something long and smooth. A contrabass.

He walked further, finding sets of smaller, similar instruments.

Groups of cellos. Several violas.

An entire forest of violins, with a scattering of woodwinds on the border.

Where was Amalie?

Soon Maas came to a towering, graceful harp beside a huge piano. He batted at the strings, and the resulting dust made him sneeze.
(page 5)

There were chairs again, topped abandoned trumpets and clarinets. One even had a bass clarinet.

But no Amalie.

He looked by the swirling-tubed french horns and spindly trombones. He even checked behind the tympani.

But still no Amalie.

Where was she?

Tired of searching, Maas settled next to the tuba and blinked back tears. Where was Amalie?

Slowly, Maas drifted into sleep. He dreamed he was chasing Amalie through the pages of a concerto.
(page 10)

He woke suddenly when someone picked him up.

“There you are, you silly kitty.”

It was Amalie!

“I’m so glad I finally found you!” she told him, scratching his ears.

Maas was glad too.

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