Monday, May 11, 2015

Surrealist Painting - Out Mowing

Title: Out Mowing
Size: 14 by 8 inches
So. Here it is. Surrealism! I feel that it turned out rather... pointillist looking. The purpose of surrealism is to depict dream like subjects in a realistic way. After driving past a few orchards that have recently been trimmed, I decided to paint a kid mowing the... plants.

I think this last week saw me giving my time to preparing for finals, rather than my art project, so the result is... this. It's by no means my best work, but I thought the idea behind it was interesting. Surrealism is taking dreams and making them real on a canvas. "Hand painted dream photographs" if you will.

I feel like this concept, taking what's only an idea and giving it physical form, is what art is about. Any sort of art, not just painting. Writing a story? That's taking the idea of an adventure and putting it into words. Composing music? That's combing notes and rhythms to capture some emotion. So while I'm not quite satisfied with my painting this week, having these ideas bouncing around my head has been interesting.


  1. This is so cool! The colors are blended and the sky is so dark and yet light! There's a sense of purpose and fun and it stays true to surrealism!

  2. Wow that would be a dream i would have. I saw some photo that was a person vacuuming the grass and now mowing a tree i think this is quite amusing to anyone to see someone in a tree mowing instead of trimming.

  3. What I love about this painting is that when I was scrolling down I thought "Okay, just some kid mowing the lawn-" Then I thought "Wait no those are trees." It was really fun to see how different something is just by scrolling down.