Thursday, April 16, 2015

Weekly Drawing - Brightness Dalenna

Title: Brightness Dalenna
Size: 9 by 11 inches
This piece shows Dalenna, an original character of mine, enjoying a root beer float while explaining her newest idea.

I was planning a sidewalk chalk drawing for this week, but it seemed fate had something else in mind; it went from being sunny and warm to windy and snowing. This drawing is outlined in ink with watercolor brightening it up. It was rather fun to draw Dalenna, as I'd never really gone through and come up with an exact idea of what she looked like. Here are some of my pre-drawing sketches:

Dalenna is an artist who works at a root beer shop. I was going to just use colored pencil to draw her, but I figured using watercolors could be a fun experiment. I really like how she came out. :)

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