Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Picture Book Update - pages 6-12

This week we get even more picture book drawings. Hooray! This should be the last set of pencil sketches, so next picture book update should have some watercolor on it.

I'm trying a bit of a different format today, combining text and illustrations. So here's pages 6-12

There were chairs again, topped abandoned trumpets and clarinets. One even had a bass clarinet.

But no Amalie.

He looked by the swirling-tubed french horns and spindly trombones. He even checked behind the tympani.

But still no Amalie.

Where was she?

Tired of searching, Maas settled next to the tuba and blinked back tears. Where was Amalie?

Slowly, Maas drifted into sleep. He dreamed he was chasing Amalie through the pages of a concerto.

He woke suddenly when someone picked him up.

“There you are, you silly kitty.”

It was Amalie!

“I’m so glad I finally found you!” she told him, scratching his ears.

Maas was glad too.

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